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EStgoSZ Kecag CD Player

Multi-funtional as 

 1. CD Player( CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/WMA)

 2. Bluetooth Speaker

 3. Full Band FM Radio

 4. U-Disk Player

 5. Home Boombox


Product descr 
   Product Specifics:
  •  Cable-pulling switch: pull the power cable to turn on/turn off.

  •  U-disk reading/playing

  •  Full-band FM radio.

  •  Bluetooth 2.1 connection.

  •  Remote control.

  •  Standard 3.5mm input/output audio port, connecting earphone/speaker.

  •  Support both mode of single song loop and whole disc loop.

  •  Support A-B repeat.

  •  Disc format support: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA

  •  Rated Impedance: 3Ω

  •  Dimensions of main unit/package: 189*189*37mm/ 290*205*48mm

  •  Net weight/Gross weight: 540g/753g    

Feature and advantage of product     
  • Classic Design : Classic and elegant design, remote control, FM tuning radio, USB MP3,3.5mm input/output jack, Creative pullswitch and wall

mounted design, making it an ornament on your wall and make your home artistic.     

  •  Perfect Choice As A Gift,a present for children?good friends?elders etc.and a good choice as a player in the classroom-Kindergarden/primary

school.language learning, prenatal education,antenatal training, FM radio broadcast, USB/MP3 music player and home decoration .    

  • Support CD, CD-R, CD-RW, Mp3 and WMA audio files from CD/USB flash disk, Support AUX connections or bluetooth enabled devices, and

all other audible devices via 3.5mm audio input jack .  

  •  USING AS A Bluetooth SPEAKER, it becomes an HiFi Bluetooth speaker while connecting with Bluetooth-enabled devices.Also you can output

to other loud speakers syetem.

  •  Imported NTC dual speakers,high fidelity digital hi-fi amplifier output, rich layered sounds: The Crystal clear deep bass, HD loud treble, just the

clear and natural sense of sound quality!  With 1 year warranty.




Can it use our power plug?

Yes, it can. We have different standard UK Plug / EU Plug / US Plug / KR Plug to match.


I want to listen to CD's through my iphone, is that possible with this device?

It can play music from your iphone. you can connect iphone via its built-in bluetooth. or you can use its 3.5mm audio cable to connect iphone in AUX

mode. in this two ways you can play music from your iphone. 


Can I connect via bluetooth to another wireless speaker?

Itself is a bluetooth speaker,so you can connect its built-in Bluetooth with other Bluetooth-enabiled-devices like cell phone and iPad/tablet etc. but

you can not connect it to other bluetooth speakers via Bluetooth. 


Can I listen on Bluetooth earphones?

No. You can not. It is similar with a bluetooth speaker in Bluetooth mode. you can not connect bluetooth earphone with a bluetooth speaker. 


Does it play mp3 cds? 

Support format: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA.


Can I turn it off/on with the remote, or do I always have to pull the cable?

There is a power button on the remote which trun on/off the CD player into a standby status. But you need to pull the cable if you want to make the

CD player completely cut off from the power supply. 


Does the cd player have a repeat option? I want to be able to play a cd over and over at my massage practice.

Yes it does have a repeat function including A-B repeat. single song loop and whole disc loop. 


Can I just plug it in the wall socket or do I need special cable?

You can directly plug in wall socket, it comes with a wall charger. 


Is it rechargeable?

It is not. No batteries inside. power get from the USB plug only similar with the TV power mode. 


Is this working with ac current? if so, will it work with both 110v (in us) and 230v (many other countries)?

The "User Manual" that came with it, under specifications, says: Power Supply: AC 110-220V, 50KHz/60Hz .


What is the maximum size that U disk can play?

Maximum 8GB


What does the flashing blue light mean?

The blue light is on while the cd player is switched on. something as a power signal light. 


If i pull out that white line(cord), is it still working ? What is that white line for ?

Its purpose is to power the device and is also used to turn on and off the device by slightly pulling down till you hear a click. 


Can it be attached upside down under a cabinet?

Yes ,you can ,there is a mount plate. you can fix the mount plate down under a cabinet then hang the player on the plate.




Weight 0.9 kg
Remote Control:






Playback Formats:


Dimensions (WxHxD):


Brand Name:


Model Number:

kecag cd player

Interface Type:

3.5mm Jack

Plug Type:

EU Plug

Plug type 1:

US Plug

Plug type 2:

UK Plug

Power Supply:


Dimensions of main unit/package:

189*189*37mm/ 290*205*48mm

FM Radio frequency:


Power/Switch cable length:

2.5 m


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